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WaggingTails Success Stories

WaggingTails, a pet care company, reduced their website launch time with dJolt’s HubSpot consulting services. WaggingTails uses HubSpot CMS for the website and HubSpot CRM for email marketing, and dJolt helped them with HubSpot website design, theme selection, HubSpot email template designs, branding, and integrating social media aspects into their website. They also assisted with implementing Google My Business and Google Analytics.


Propel Apps, a SaaS company, faced low engagement on their website, hurting their lead generation efforts. They hired dJolt to take a data-driven approach, analyzing visitor behavior on their old website to launch a new website with improved features, functionality, and engaging content tailored to their target audience. The result was a 110% increase in engagement and a 95% increase in visitor to lead conversion rates. By using data to inform their website redesign, Propel Apps was able to significantly improve engagement and lead generation efforts.

ECS Success Stories

ECS, a B2B tech company, partnered with dJolt Marketing Solutions to improve their lead generation strategies. dJolt implemented essential software such as Lemlist and MailChimp, and introduced Webinar Marketing to generate leads and increase brand awareness. By conducting a series of webinars and product explanation sessions, they were able to understand their customers’ needs and showcase their relevant services as a solution. As a result, ECS’s lead generation improved by 341%.

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WealthRamp, a financial services company, chooses dJolt as their HubSpot partner to help them make the most of their HubSpot investments and integrate the platform with other tools they use. dJolt implemented tracking codes, designed 10+ marketing automation workflows, performed HubSpot integration with Zapier, and provided custom reports using Google Sheets and HubSpot Reports. As a result, WealthRamp gained a 212% increase in ROI from their HubSpot usage.

BBIM Success Stories

BBIM, a digital marketing agency, partnered with dJolt to help them with their HubSpot onboarding and training needs. dJolt conducted a thorough evaluation of BBIM’s business and marketing goals and provided a customized training plan. This included setting up their HubSpot portal, integrating the platform with their website, and providing training to BBIM’s team on how to use the platform effectively. Throughout the onboarding process, dJolt provided ongoing support and guidance to BBIM’s team and helped optimize their use of HubSpot.


BREATH WORKOUT is a health and wellness company that partnered with dJolt to increase brand awareness and generate demand through their website. dJolt provided them with a customized WordPress website design that was visually appealing and integrated the site with SendInBlue to capture lead information. To attract leads, dJolt designed custom calculators and landing pages with engaging and informative content optimized for search engines. The collaboration proved successful, resulting in higher lead conversion rates and business growth for BREATH WORKOUT.


Vriksh, a plant nursery, partnered with dJolt to improve their marketing strategies and increase their ROI. dJolt implemented personalized messaging and timely delivery of emails using HubSpot workflows tailored to Vriksh’s target audience. The team also developed strategies for marketing automation, which allowed Vriksh to streamline their marketing processes. By closely monitoring ROI using various metrics and making adjustments as needed, Vriksh achieved a 153% increase in their Marketing ROI.


Palma Stationery, a boutique e-commerce website, wanted to grow their business organically and sought the help of dJolt for ecommerce SEO services. To improve their online visibility and attract more potential customers, dJolt implemented several marketing  strategies. Firstly, we integrated a Google Shopping Feed for the Shopify store to showcase the website’s products on Google’s Shopping platform. Secondly, dJolt optimized the product pages for SEO by carefully crafting titles, descriptions, and tags to improve their relevance and search engine ranking. Additionally, we offered guidance on improving site speed, implementing schema markup, and optimizing images. Through these efforts, the website was able to attract more organic traffic, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

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